XeroCon Brisbane: JuanTax’s Marvin Galang bags an ovation

September 16, 2019

XeroCon Brisbane: JuanTax’s Marvin Galang bags an ovation

Brisbane, Australia – A crowd drawer, Xerocon Brisbane 2019 took the “most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders” a notch higher with human connection as its focus.

XeroCon a convention like no other

Lead by a pack of 3,500 disruptors & thought leaders XeroCon remains to be the biggest accounting convention in 2 major continents – Australia & Asia.

XeroCon has now evolved into an avenue for relationship building between accountants, partners, and bookkeepers. This year, XeroCon team proved that the accounting world is fun, interactive, and creative with in-event activations such as a basketball court, nail salon, skate park & board making area, a pool filled with 250,000 plastic balls and more.

Human at heart is all about community says Curzon, Xero Chief Partner Officer. Indeed, the Xero team was able to achieve community building by showcasing different ways to interact and get to know one another.

XeroCon and You

In line with Curzon’s views Vamos, Xero CEO, deeply banks on the connection between Xero and it’s partners as the key driver that makes Xero special. More than anything else, maintaining human touch in the cloud-based system is the key to “rewire the world of small businesses, making it seamless, simpler, and smarter” he says.

Partner testaments hold this true as they shared their real-time experience in Brisbane with the trending hashtag #Xerocon on the leading microblogging site, Twitter.

Marvin Galang awes the crowd

Community, partnership, and connectivity were the highlight of Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Xero Asia’s keynote speech. He centered on a theme to “always move forward” and talked about how critical it was to constantly grow and challenge oneself to step outside personal boundaries.

Marvin Galang, Founder and CEO of DoubleRule & JuanTax was caught by surprise after being cited as an example that embodies breaking personal growth and leveraging through technology to improve and impact his community. Galang is the first in Asia to partner with the government by developing the first third party tax “lodging” system in the Philippines.

A well deserved ovation

Galang received nothing but praises when he was acknowledged by Fitzgerald. He sat quietly with the crowd when all eyes were on him with an stadium-wide ovation on his accomplishment with Xero in the Philippines. Even community members were raving about it and sharing stories online.

Xero as a Community

On the same event, Galang was on his 10th XeroCon. “After 9 XeroCons, I thought I’ve seen it all.The format was the most familiar and at one point you’ll try to find an excuse not to go. But it is not the keynotes or the product updates that kept me coming back, it’s the people.”, he recalls.

At this point, his journey has closed into a full circle. Similar to the mission of the people behind Xero, this year’s convention made him realize that the real driver of technological innovation is the heart to serve and change more lives through the cloud-based accounting software.

He notes, the community of like-minded people that seems to keep on fueling your almost dried engine. The shake of hands, hugs, pat on the back, conversations that may you say “jeez, someone gets it more than I do.” This community of thought leaders and industry movers are the next key drivers to bring about change in the accounting world.

What’s next for JuanTax

Coming home with a full heart, JuanTax vows to continue to grow and achieve bigger milestones in the Philippines by touching more lives one #TaxDoneRight at a time.