Xero HQ Announces Integration with Hangouts Chat

March 2, 2018

Xero HQ Announces Integration with Hangouts Chat
February 28, 2018 — Wednesday — Xero HQ launched its latest integration with Google Hangouts Chat in order to improve the mode of communication between Xero advisors and small business owners.

Image credit: Xero

Chatbots Saving the Day!

One of the most important aspects in having a good client-advisor relationship is through secure collaboration, and the best way to have that is with the use of technology.

Which is why Xero, in partnership with Google Cloud, officially announces Hangouts Chat bot for Xero HQ that would provide efficient communication for accountants, bookkeepers and small business clients.

Just Ask and Chat

Last year, Xero introduces Ask for Xero HQ which gives accountants and bookkeepers the ability to collect information and create reliable collaborations.

Now, with the help of Hangouts chat bot, users would now be able to access, view responses as well as manage Ask inquiries from clients. Through the use of A.I and machine learning, Chat can help you create meaningful conversations with your clients within a centralized communication platform.

Visit this blog to learn more details about this fantastic new collaboration between Xero and Google Hangouts Chat!

By Double Rule