Xero Feature Roundup: July 2018 Releases

August 22, 2018

Xero Feature Roundup: July 2018 Releases
August 22, 2018 — Xero released its new set of global updates for the month of July, which tend to focus more on improving data management, reporting, expenses, payments and many others!

Here is a roundup of the latest developments for Xero as of July 2018:

  • Hubdoc + Xero
  • Time Reporting in Xero Projects (Update)
  • Xero Expenses Gets a Global Release
  • Xero + GoCardless Announced (AU)
  • Management of Payment Option for Invoices
  • Mobile Updates

Hubdoc + Xero

Xero officially acquires Hubdoc, one of the world’s leading data capture application as part of their family of cloud solutions in order to bring a code-free accounting experience to businesses.

This new partnership between Xero and Hubdoc aims to help more accountants and bookkeepers in solving even the most tedious tasks within one’s accounting practice by delivering the following solutions:

  • Streamlined Data Capture – considered as one of Hubdoc’s primary features, users of Xero can now utilize the power of data capture within the system, thus creating more room for automating the way you handle business transactions.
  • Real-Time Data Matching – this new integration also allows imported data from Hubdoc to be matched with bank feed transaction that flows into Xero.
  • Organizing Data – With Hubdoc at your side, expect that your financial documents are always secured, searchable and organized.

Learn more about this new partnership between Xero and Hubdoc by visiting this article.

Time Reporting in Xero Projects (Update)

Xero Projects is adding two new reports that would make staff reporting a bit more easier, thus helping you get a streamlined view of your projects within the platform:

Staff Overview

This section in Xero Projects shows the total time spent by each of your team members to projects listed within the platform.

In this report you can easily customize the date range to see the exact time that your staff rendered on a specific task. Also, total time per member search can be filtered for you to easily identify the information that you need.

Detailed Time Report

Included in Xero Projects is the Detailed Time Report section, which allows you to list down all possible time entries made by your staff based on contact, date, project name, task and even item codes.

Xero Expenses Gets a Global Release

Yet another cool announcement made by Xero during their feature update was the global launching of their expense platform called Xero Expenses.

Managing reimbursements and expenses are some of the main challenges that most companies are experiencing, which is why Xero launched this application that will hopefully make reimbursement processing in Xero a bit more easier for everyone!

Check out our blog to learn more about Xero Expenses.

Xero + GoCardless Announced (AU)

Just recently, Xero also announced their partnership with GoCardless, one of Australia’s finest platforms designed to collect direct debit payments.

Xero sees late payments as a huge issue for most startups, which is why they launched this integration that allows AU businesses to accept direct debit payments in Xero via GoCardless.

Be able to successfully set up your Xero and GoCardless account by visiting this link.

Management of Payment Option for Invoices

You would now be able to manage your designated payment service option for your online invoices made within Xero, as adding and even removing active payment options such as Stripe and Paypal can now be done straight from Xero’s invoicing screen.

Mobile Updates

For Android and iOS users, you can now add partial as well as full payment to bills in Xero.

In order to do this in mobile, all you have to do is select the Bill to Pay option then click the dollar ($) button, or just simply select “Add Payment”, and fill out the details of the payment.

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