The People Behind Double Rule

June 14, 2019

The People Behind Double Rule
Double Rule is tech-savvy accounting practice that aims to improve your finances in business and working life. It spent over five years of progressing performance to help you with your books, your financials as well as with your taxes.

As much as we value our clients’ finances, we at Double Rule also give importance to our staff who we believe made every successful transaction possible. After all, they are the ones making sure our cloud system keeps every receipt of yours accounted for and categorized properly.

Strengthening the Team

Last June 1, 2019, we conducted a summer outing and team building activity in Pampanga, Philippines. Our goal is to give our team their well-deserved rest while making them more united. We understand that a team that knows how to work together despite their own differences is key to a greater company.

That’s why most of our key employees have been with us ever since we started Double Rule five years ago. Without their support and sacrifices, we wouldn’t have achieved our company goals.

They were there through thick and thin – literally and figuratively, with a lot of ups and downs, even grieving together when one of our employees, the content writer of Double Rule passed away just last February 2019.

Because of this, we knew we had to do something more. During this company outing, Double Rule founder Marvin Galang talked about aligning our company’s mission and vision with the 17 sustainable goals set by the United Nations.

Good Health and Well-being. We have a gym reimbursement program that promotes good health and well-being to employees.

Quality Education. We started by giving a surprise to our employees who still have children in school by providing them educational aide. This benefit is available moving forward.

Responsible Consumption and Production. As a paperless company, we believe that we have to push ourselves into consuming goods that are less harmless to the environment. No plastics, no styros, only reusables.

Partnerships to Achieve the Goals. It was also discussed that we should collaborate with our contacts in order to help the community. Public Colleges and Universities who are willing to be educated in terms of accounting technology and its ecosystem. Clients who wish to donate their time and resources in order to help educate the poor in the Philippines.

Meeting Success with Our Staff

What we like to impart to our readers is that behind Double Rule are hardworking humans and not robots. They keep the service working smoothly, keeping every client satisfied. We want to make a client feel that they are working with an actual bookkeeper and not software only.

Our service is personalized, and not many bookkeepers can proudly say that. This blog entry is a reminder that Double Rule may be powered by the Cloud but it is driven by people. We take pride in keeping our staff fulfilled with their job. At the end of the day, a happy client and happy staff go hand-in-hand.

Happy Staff, Happy Client

Double Rule is a reliable business accounting and outsourcing firm. Our clients, who are mostly in the United States, avail of our personalized service, when they want an organized and transparent record of their finances, that is safe and secure online.

Having won the Xero US Accounting Partner of the Year last 2014, it inspired us to continuously innovate our processes and services.

Our success and our clients’ success are made possible by the smart workers of Double Rule. Thank you, congratulations, and keep focused in the years to come!