During our participation at Atlanta 2018, we had the opportunity to network with other CPA professionals and chat with some of the speakers at the event. The experience was exhilarating, for it truly shows the how the magic of Xero could change the lives of many all over the globe: proving that there is “more humanity than just being human.”

BLOG - Xerocon Takeaways Part Three: Being #Human at Xerocon

Caring Brings Change

We capped off Xerocon with the speech of Steve Vamos, Chief Executive Officer of Xero, on his personal experience in managing his own business in Xero and his greatest life lesson. “It’s not about the technology, it’s about the people” Steve said. On the most fundamental level, people do business with people they feel comfortable with. You have to CARE about the impact on people. He believes that if your customers believe that you care, the “change” journey will be phenomenally different.

“Because I said I would” is a social movement and non profit of Alex Sheen, a philanthropist. A promise to made and keep. It makes us rethink of what is really important in our lives. We have to be selfless, to simply treat others with kindness, spend time relating to other people, putting ourselves in their shoes. If we could just keep that in mind, we would see huge transformation in the world we live in.

In line with this, it is our chance to step up in our own social responsibility efforts. I am motivated to continue to push myself and our company to fulfill our civic duties for our social well being — not only because it is the right thing to do but because giving back is a vital part of being socially responsible of both employees and the company.

How Double Rule is Making Changes?

Last year during Xerocon Austin, we learned that as employers, we needed to oblige our employees to do volunteer work. Oblige is a big word but believe it or not, they all gladly did by teaching foster kids how to use Computers and how internet can be an important resource tool to be prepared with the present and upcoming numerous forms of technology.

Why Xero is Human?

A week before we went to Xerocon Atlanta, we met with National Accounts Director of Xero, Arthur Garcia, in the Philippines. He went there on his own time to do some mission work. Although he’s not Filipino, he gladly helped the young Filipino children by giving them his time, talent and treasure. He spent a lot of time with the less fortunate kids in the province of Pampanga, even bringing them to a fast food restaurant to share a meal with them. He gave his talent by sharing what he knows about Christ. And treasure - by spending his own money on this mission work. This for me is what makes Xero #human. Xero is not just a company, Xero is represented by its people. Xero represents love.