June 13, 2018 -- Xero announced its new batch of product releases for the month of May 2018. Most features added in this release update focuses more on improving user experience when it comes to utilizing platforms such as Xero Projects, Xero HQ and Help Center, as well as managing bills and invoices in Xero.

BLOG - Xero Feature Roundup: Releases as of May 2018

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Here is a roundup of the latest developments for Xero as of May 2018:

  • Creating Bills in Xero (Update)
  • Launch of Xero Central
  • Xero HQ Client List Filter
  • Search in Find and Recode
  • Enhancements to Xero Projects
  • Mobile Releases
  • Invoice Upgrades
  • Xero Checkup

Creating Bills in Xero (Update)

As mentioned during Xerocon and in previous release updates, Xero is providing a much easier and efficient way of processing bills using the accounting software.

Users can now automatically create Xero draft bills from PDF bills that were sent via email.

All you have to do is forward a PDF version of your bill to an email address assigned to your Xero organization, and it will automatically create a draft bill in your account, containing information from the PDF bill that you sent.

The actual image of the PDF will also appear along with the draft bill in split screen view, which enables you to easily enter any additional information from the bill that wasn’t captured doing the process.

Visit this article from Xero Central for you to know more about this amazing feature in Xero.

Also, announced during Xerocon was the ability of beta users to use PDF bills from other Xero businesses and forward it to their assigned Xero email address -- Once forwarded, items such as Bill, Total, Date, and Supplier would automatically be populated with the information extracted from the bill.

In addition to these features, you can now also mark bills as paid whenever you’re working on your Android or iOS device.

Launch of Xero Central

Included in their feature release update was the official launch of the re-branded Xero Help Center.

Xero is fully aware that the Help Center plays a vital role in the life of a Xero user, for all the facts that a user needs in answering daily Xero questions are there, and that most accountants use the Help Center as their guide whenever they want to get things right on track as they use Xero.

Now called as Xero Central, the website is improved in order to furtherly help Xero users on learning all the functionalities of the beloved accounting software -- with updated process flows and additional pages, searching for the things that you need has never been this easy.

Visit this page to learn more about the launch of Xero Central.

Xero HQ Client List Filter

Aside from the capability of adding and updating client industries within Xero HQ, you can now also filter your client search by industry through your list in the platform.

Visit this article from Xero Central to learn more about adding, searching and updating client industries in Xero HQ.

Search in Find and Recode

Xero Partners listen up! -- You can now easily look for anything within the Find & Recode section in Xero. Be able to use search parameters such as bank account, reference and invoice number as well as manual journals (coming soon).

Enhancements to Xero Projects

Announced in Xerocon are the newest features available for Xero Projects -- This includes a new time tracker which allows users to track and calculate their rendered hours on work within the platform, and the ability to copy similar projects including tasks and apply it to a new project as well as delete unwanted project entries (only for users with Admin and Standard permissions).

Xero Projects is available both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Releases

You can now create invoices straight from a quote once you’ve finished a task, and mark those quotes as invoiced in the process.

Not only this feature does gives you a much faster workflow when it comes to your receivables but this would also help you on getting paid on time, thus balancing cash flow.

For iOS 11 users, you can now also attach files from cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, iCloud and OneDrive to your invoices/receipts in Xero, and upload it to your Xero files as well.

Invoice Upgrades

Enhancements were also added when it comes to invoice settings in Xero.

You can now send out personalized invoice reminders to your customers by displaying either your company’s logo or business name, as well as manage the View Invoice button in your reminder.

Also, Xero is launching a partnership with Stripe payment service and Microsoft Outlook which would allow Xero invoice emails to be paid thru Stripe once it’s been sent to Microsoft Outlook.

Visit Xero’s blog to learn more about this new partnership that’s about to change the way you send out invoices in Xero.

Xero Checkup

Sometimes, it’s inevitable that you would encounter issues whenever you’re using Xero, which is why the accounting software company had also released a Xero Checkup website where you could easily diagnose any issues in accessing Xero (e.g. internet connection, xero issues, etc.) which you can access just by going to checkup.xero.com.

Want to know more about the newest updates in Xero? You can check out this blog or visit Xero Central and Feature Timeline page.