July 31, 2018 -- During their recent global release update, Xero announced the features added to their accounting software for the month of June 2018. Most of the features are focused on improving things such as trial balance reporting and payroll as well as putting some enhancements for platforms such as Xero Expenses and Xero Projects.

BLOG - Xero Feature Roundup: Releases as of June 2018

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Here is a roundup of the latest developments for Xero as of June 2018:

  • Trial Balance Report (New)
  • Xero Payroll (UK) Export Data
  • Xero Expenses -- User Permissions and Customer Assignments
  • Xero Mobile Update
  • Enhancements to Xero Projects

Trial Balance Report (New) : A Timeless Accounting Classic

A new trial balance report is now available for all Xero organizations -- along with some additional reporting features such as comparative periods, the ability to filter tracking categories and a cash basis view.

The trial balance report is considered as one of the oldest accounting concepts that was already present way back in 1949 -- and until now, this report is still widely used by accountants all over the globe.

This time, Xero is focusing on improving this timeless classic, by giving it a new look by making it more simple, yet stylish and edgy at the same time!

The new trial balance report still embraces the concepts of the old reporting that you know and love, along with much newer features such as:

  • Opening and closing balances
  • Up to 36 comparative periods
  • Ability to run the report in cash basis
  • Tracking category filters

Check out this article for you to know more about this new trial balance reporting in Xero.

Xero Payroll (UK) Export Data

For Xero payroll users in UK -- employers can now export employee data within the system, making it easier for them to provide personal information upon the request of their employees.

Xero Expenses -- User Permissions and Customer Assignments

Xero is giving business owners as well as admins the power to control their expense claims platform, by means of having the ability to provide access to staff. With these user roles, they can submit, approve and pay expense claims within Xero Expenses.

Check out this blog from Xero Central to learn more.

You can now also assign expenses to a customer that can be viewed in both web version and devices such as Android and iOS in order for you to get a better look at your cash flow within Xero.

Xero Mobile Update

New additions were also included to Xero mobile such as the following:

  • Bills: Users can view bills which are awaiting for approval as well as see details of those that contains many lines of transactions -- Also, you can already mark bills as paid in mobile.
  • Quotes: You can now convert accepted quotes into invoices using Xero mobile.
  • Contacts: be able to search any of your contacts within Xero using parameters such as email, name, or account number, especially when adding a contact into an invoice or quote.

Enhancements to Xero Projects

During their latest release, even platforms such as Xero Projects would now also have a “dummy project data”, which lets you explore functionalities such as tasks, time, as well as expenses within the platform.

Also, users of Xero Projects can now obtain a detailed report containing the time that each member of the team had rendered on a specific task through the use of new reporting formats within Xero. Check out this article from Xero Central for you to learn about this feature.

There’s also a new staff overview option which lets employers view time across all clients within Projects. Visit this article for you to learn on how to utilize this functionality.

Want to know more about the newest updates in Xero? You can check out this blog or visit Xero Central and Feature Timeline page.