October 28, 2017 - Saturday -- Double Rule conducted its annual Halloween celebration, and of course the party’s never complete without a halloween costume contest!

BLOG - Doubler Rule Celebrates its Annual Halloween Party

Stakes are Getting Higher

Just like last year, three lucky participants are expected to win the costume contest, and stakes are higher since each runner up would get to win an exciting prize.

All employees from both morning and evening shifts participated in this contest, with pictures from AM shifts taken during the day and were submitted during the party. As usual, entries were presented to a handful selection of judges from both the United States and the Philippines.

The Verdict

Third Prize

The third prize goes to Ms. Zyra Sapafo, for portraying the character Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Second Prize

Lightning strikes twice as Mr. Aries Villasis goes to the same spot this year as he bagged the second prize for dressing up as supreme North Korean leader Kim Jong Un!

The First Prize

Fans of the hit video game Tekken rejoice as the first prize of the contest goes to none other than Mr. Reejee Sombilon, for donning the costume of the wooden fighter Mokujin!

The night was filled with characters from various movies and children’s TV shows, stormtroopers, renaissance paintings, and more (even a sushi made it to the party as well)!

Nonetheless, everybody had a great time, as employees got to hang out for a while and celebrated the night off.

To all the staffs of Double Rule, to Marvin, Jenny, Alan and company, we would like to send our warmest thanks for making this event possible. Hoping for another great Halloween next year!!