May 30, 2018 -- Xero officially announced AutoEntry as one of the newest addition to their list of applications available within the Xero HQ platform for UK.

BLOG - AutoEntry is Now Available in Xero HQ


AutoEntry and Xero HQ Collaboration

Aside from data encoding, managing documents is one of the most tedious task an accountant could handle, which is why AutoEntry being added to Xero HQ’s roster of apps is a big game changer for accountants and bookkeepers.

With this collaboration between Xero HQ and AutoEntry, scanned information of your documents will automatically be pushed to your activity feed, making it easier for users to organize documents, thus reducing time and cost in manually entering data into Xero.

About AutoEntry

AutoEntry is an application designed to provide a much smarter and automated way of bookkeeping by means of capturing information and analyzing data from AP/AR documents such as bills, receipts, invoice and credit notes using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

After scanning, information from these documents can be converted into a CSV spreadsheet that could be easily imported straight into your accounting software without the need for data entry.

How Does AutoEntry Work?

After taking a picture or scanning an image of your document (PDF versions would also do), you can simply upload it in AutoEntry by clicking the + Upload button, or by sending an email containing the document to a designated email address that will be assigned to your account.

There are three categories on where you could upload your document: (1) Purchases (for bills/receipts) (2) Sales (for invoices) and (3) Bank Statements.

After uploading the image, you’ll be notified (thru email) that your file is ready for processing in AutoEntry and that your document is already included in the system’s inbox. Take note that you can switch from one category inbox to another.

Once you’ve populated drop down fields such as Supplier Account (Contact), Category Account and VAT Code, you can already publish the document in AutoEntry and it would be pushed into Xero.

It also lets you view details, as well as the actual image of the document itself just by clicking the View (eye) icon.

Document Notifications

Yet another good thing that comes with the integration of AutoEntry of Xero HQ is its notification feature which allows you to detect what documents from AutoEntry are ready for publishing or needs to be published in Xero, and those that are overdue already or needs further review.

Visit this blog for you to learn more on how AutoEntry, along with Xero HQ can help you boost your practice.