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A Quick Look at Xero + Stripe: Paving the Future of Global Payments

History tells us that the system of payments had been evolving for some time now: From simple exchanges of goods, to the emergence of coins and bills as well as cheques and other amounts that would later come in the form of cryptocurrencies and e-wallets -- it’s evolving in a sense that it has moved forward to such convenient options, that payers would never need to probe their pockets and search for their wallets, but instead just swipe their phones and click the “Pay” button.


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What’s New for Xero as of August 2018?

September 25, 2018 -- After their successful Xerocon in Brisbane, the accounting software company released yet another rundown of the latest features of Xero for the month of August.


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Announced at Xerocon: Xero Bank Feeds API

September 10, 2018 -- One of the first unveilings made at Xerocon Brisbane 2018 was the announcement of Xero Bank Feeds API, a full-feature API platform that could automatically connect feeds from banks as well as other financial institutions with Xero accounting software.


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Highlights from Xerocon Brisbane 2018

September 10, 2018 -- Brisbane -- Often called as the “Coachella for Accountants”, Xerocon is widely regarded as one of the grandest and most popular form of celebration made exclusively for accountants, bookkeepers, advisors and business owners alike.


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Doublerule's 5th Anniversary

Cheers to 5 years of hard work and great success!


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Gearing Up for Xero Roadshow Asia 2018

After their previous roadshow event in January, Xero is returning to Asia once again to host Xero Roadshow 2018, which will happen at the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Hong Kong on the 20th of November, and the The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore on the 23rd.


Read more Launched International Business Payments

August 20, 2018 -- announced the launch of International Business Payments which would enable customers of paying their vendors across all parts of the globe using the payment solution, allowing transactions to flow smoothly within businesses.


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Xero Feature Roundup: July 2018 Releases

August 22, 2018 -- Xero released its new set of global updates for the month of July, which tend to focus more on improving data management, reporting, expenses, payments and many others!


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The Countdown is On for Xerocon Brisbane 2018!

The greatest and most exciting cloud accounting conference of the year is returning to Australia once again, as Xerocon 2018 goes to Brisbane!


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Xero Feature Roundup: Releases as of June 2018

July 31, 2018 -- During their recent global release update, Xero announced the features added to their accounting software for the month of June 2018. Most of the features are focused on improving things such as trial balance reporting and payroll as well as putting some enhancements for platforms such as Xero Expenses and Xero Projects.


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Xero and Gusto Teaming Up in Bringing Full Service Payroll

July 20, 2018 -- Xero announces Gusto as its main payroll provider for small businesses and accounting firms in the United States, in hopes of providing a much powerful payroll experience to all 50 states in America.


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Xero Officially Launch Xero Expenses Feature

July 10, 2018 -- Xero accounting software announced the launch of Xero Expenses for a much faster and efficient employee reimbursement experience.


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Xero Feature Roundup: Releases as of May 2018

June 13, 2018 -- Xero announced its new batch of product releases for the month of May 2018. Most features added in this release update focuses more on improving user experience when it comes to utilizing platforms such as Xero Projects, Xero HQ and Help Center, as well as managing bills and invoices in Xero.


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Xerocon Takeaways Part Three: Being #Human at Xerocon

During our participation at Atlanta 2018, we had the opportunity to network with other CPA professionals and chat with some of the speakers at the event. The experience was exhilarating, for it truly shows the how the magic of Xero could change the lives of many all over the globe: proving that there is “more humanity than just being human.”


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Xerocon Takeaways Part Two: 5 Things I’ve Learned

Last Tuesday, Xero accounting software held its 3-day annual cloud accounting conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Overall, the event became successful, as we saw various accounting and bookkeeping firms around the globe participate in this lovely celebration, and it’s a great pleasure for us to be a part of this event.


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Xerocon Takeaways Part One: The Major Announcements

June 6, 2018 -- Xerocon Atlanta comes to a close and as expected, the conference was once again filled with inspiring keynotes and exhilarating feature announcements from some of the best speakers in the world of technology and Xero accounting software.


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Move Your Business Forward with Xero + Paychex

June 3, 2018 -- Xero accounting software announced its partnership with Paychex in bringing a much better HR experience to its customers.


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Xerocon 2018 Preppers: Places to Visit in Atlanta

Xerocon in Atlanta -- Serving as a U.S Capital for Georgia, Atlanta or also known as the “The Capital of the Southeast” is an international city filled with dozens of business headquarters as well as universities, and it became famous for hosting the 1996 Olympic Games.


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AutoEntry is Now Available in Xero HQ

May 30, 2018 -- Xero officially announced AutoEntry as one of the newest addition to their list of applications available within the Xero HQ platform for UK.


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Brace Yourselves for Xerocon Atlanta 2018!

May 28, 2018 -- One of the world’s biggest and most beautiful cloud accounting conference known as Xerocon is coming, and this time it’s heading to Atlanta, GA!


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Xero Feature Roundup: What’s New as of April 2018?

May 14, 2018 -- During their recent product release update, Xero officially announced a new set of features added to their accounting software.


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What’s New for Xero as of March 2018?

April 13, 2018 -- During their recent product release update, Xero officially announced a new set of features added to their accounting software.


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Xero HQ Update: Templates for Ask, and File Attachments Now Available

Xero announced the latest features added to their practice platform, Xero HQ -- and this time their focusing on enhancing customer engagements with contact and query templates, in hopes of making accountant-client communication a lot more easier!


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Xero HQ Announces Integration with Hangouts Chat

February 28, 2018 -- Wednesday -- Xero HQ launched its latest integration with Google Hangouts Chat in order to improve the mode of communication between Xero advisors and small business owners.


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Takeaways from Xero Roadshow Asia 2018

Future of Accounting is Looking Up -- Xero Roadshow Asia 2018 was an incredible experience for all of us. It’s the second time that the team and I had attended these kinds of roadshows but it always feels like the first time, especially whenever we get to connect with our fellow CPAs, bookkeepers and Xero Partners from Asia.


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Why Attend Xero Roadshow Asia 2018?

Change is Upon Us -- This January, Xero returns to Asia to host its roadshow event that will happen at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong on the 23rd and the MES Theatre in Singapore on the 26th.


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My Xerocon Austin 2017 Experience

It was a cold yet sunny Wednesday morning at the Fair Market in Austin Texas as Xero held its grand spectacle known as Xerocon. Having attended six Xerocons (Australia and US included) and some Roadshows in Asia, my team and I were very excited to participate and learn more from the best in the industry.


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November 2017 Xero Feature Roundup

During their recent global release update, Xero provided a list of features that were added to the accounting platform. Here is a roundup of the latest developments made for Xero accounting software as of November 2017.


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Xero Launched Xero +C for Customizing Schedule C Reports

November 29, 2017 -- Wednesday -- Xero accounting software launched Xero +C, a new reporting tool designed to help users in creating Schedule C reports for self-employed clients.


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3 Cool Reasons to Attend Xerocon Austin 2017

Xerocon Fever Ignites Austin! -- The biggest cloud accounting conference of the year will happen at the Fair Market in Austin, Texas on December 6 -7, 2017, with it’s pre-con happening at the Austin Convention Center on December 5, 2017.


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Empowering Business Without Full-Time Manpower: Is it Possible?

One of the current trends in today’s world are companies using technology to fill out the role of actual assets in order for their business to move forward. Much like for example, companies like Uber were referred to as TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) providers, despite the fact that they never own any actual transportation assets such as cars, and people.


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6 Tips on Preparing for Tax Year 2018

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes” -- The 2018 tax season is just inches away before it reaches our desks, so it’s best for us to prepare.


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Double Rule Celebrates its Annual Halloween Party

October 28, 2017 - Saturday -- Double Rule conducted its annual Halloween celebration, and of course the party’s never complete without a halloween costume contest!


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Efficient Client Collaborations with Ask for Xero HQ

October 10, 2017 - Tuesday -- Xero officially launched Ask for Xero HQ, a new feature which allows accountants and bookkeepers to easily collect information and create effective collaborations with clients within the platform.


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Double Rule Kickstarted Computer Literacy Program For Kids

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 -- Double Rule kickstarted their series of computer literacy programs which aims to help kids in adapting with today’s technology and gain confidence as they face the modern world.


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My Xerocon Melbourne 2017 Experience

Xerocon Melbourne 2017 kicked off its first day with surprises, product announcements as well as inspiring keynotes from various speakers and industry leaders. At the end of the day, we could tell that all our expectations were truly fulfilled, and that we really had a good time at Xerocon!


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Takeaways from Xerocon Melbourne 2017

September 14, 2017 - Thursday -- Xerocon makes its way to Melbourne, Australia once again for the biggest accounting conference of the year. I’m so glad that the team and I were part of the 3,000 attendees who participated at the event and got the chance to learn many exciting things about Xero and cloud accounting.


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Getting Ready for Xerocon Melbourne 2017

Xerocon is just around the corner! -- In September 12, 2017, the biggest cloud accounting conference of the year will happen at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), and as expected it will be filled with informative keynotes, exciting product releases and so much more! Getting ready for Xerocon Melbourne 2017? Then here are some things that you need to know.


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The Modern Day Methods of Asset Tracking

Cases of assets being damaged or stolen is always an inescapable reality for most companies, and probably one of the best solutions an expert might suggest is asset tracking, or the process of monitoring the assets based on location and quantity.


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Introducing Xero Connect : A New Way of Automating Supplier Invoices

Xero launched its newest initiative called Xero Connect, a new integration which was designed to simplify the flow of supplier invoices, and improve billing experience for its small business customers.


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June 2017 Xero Feature Roundup

In their recent global product release update, Xero provided a list of the newest features added to the online accounting software. Here is a roundup of the latest developments for Xero that were released as of June 2017.


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Xero and Stripe Delivering First Class Payment Experience

July 7, 2017 - Friday -- Xero and Stripe are working together on automating payments for the accounting software to help businesses get faster payments for online invoices.


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The War For Talent: ‘Cause the Game is Winning, Not Surviving

There’s a war out there, and it’s not about guns and bullets -- It’s about businesses playing the modern day game of “tug of war” as they recruit the perfect candidate who’ll join the ranks of their company. Yes, there’s a war happening out there, and it’s called The War for Talent.


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5 Reasons to Join Xerocon Melbourne 2017

Xerocon Season is upon us! -- Considered as one of the biggest and most anticipated cloud accounting conference of the year, Xerocon will be heading its way to Australia once again! The event will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) in September 12-14, 2017. Here are 5 reasons on why you and your team should attend this exciting event.


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Xero Update: Payables and Receivables Available in Report Templates

Monday, May 29, 2017 -- Users can now include payables as well as receivables in Xero reports. This feature is one of the latest additions to the Report Templates in Xero accounting software.


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Make Payments Faster with Xero and BPAY

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - Australia -- Xero announced their latest integration with BPAY to help customers in paying Xero online invoices using the bill payment system.


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April 2017 Xero Feature Roundup

May 5, 2017 -- Xero provided an update regarding the latest releases and developments from their online accounting software as of April 2017.


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Time to End the Struggle in Collecting Payments

One of the most common problems that startups face nowadays are issues in collecting payments. For a small business with just enough money to fund everyday business operations, a simple case of late payment can cut down the stream of money, and might cause collapse in a business’ cashflow.


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Business in a Box: Paypal’s Next Breakthrough Service

Monday, May 1, 2017 -- Paypal, in partnership with WooCommerce and Xero, launched Business in a Box, a brand new business solutions platform that aims to help U.S startups in running their business, and attract more customers in using the renowned payment service system.


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A Financial Perspective: The Modern Language of Accounting

Accounting is a language -- Economically speaking, the term accounting is often considered as the “language of business”, for it records financial information and turns it into a data which can be easily understood by individuals and companies.


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It’s All About Being Fast : Rod Drury at the AWS Summit Sydney

April 5, 2017, Wednesday -- Rod Drury, Founder and CEO of Xero made an appearance at the AWS Summit in Sydney, Australia. He also shared his insights on how earlier adaptation with technology could bring faster success to businesses.


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A Beautiful Milestone: Xero Reached One Million Subscribers!

Wednesday -- March 29, 2017 -- Xero announced that the online accounting platform had already reached one million subscribers! In only less than two years, Xero had already doubled the number of its users, as subscribers goes up to 300,000 in the past year.


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4 Online Security Measures Against Remote Work Liability

Work Anytime, Anywhere -- One of the latest trends in today’s corporate world is the thing called “remote work”, in which companies are encouraging employees to choose their own place and time when it comes to work. With this option you can do many things besides working, like talk to the phone, hold the baby, make tea and so much more. But with this trend rapidly changing today’s workforce, how can businesses ensure the security and confidentiality of their data while leaving it out to remote workers?


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Xero Spotlight Feature : Cash Coding

Cash coding is a feature of Xero accounting software that was designed to help users code bulk transactions, and reconcile all of them at once. With cash coding, reconciling can be done with just one click of a button. Most accountants and bookkeepers who tried this feature consider cash coding as an essential need to their business, for not only this makes reconciling batch transactions faster, but this also saves time for most of them. Today, we will take a closer look at cash coding, and share some tips on how you could efficiently utilize this feature in Xero.


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February 2017 Xero Feature Roundup

March 3, 2017 -- In a recent blog, Xero gave us an update of the latest product releases from their accounting software in the past few weeks. Here is a complete rundown of the latest developments for Xero that were released as per February 2017:


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Takeaways from Xero Roadshow Asia 2017

March 7, 2017 -- The Xero Roadshow kicked off with its first leg at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. With more than 250 attendees, the event was filled with accountants, bookkeepers and Xero partners from different countries. As we made our way to the venue, we had high hopes of learning new things from the experiences that the speakers would share at the event, and after the roadshow we could tell that all our expectations are truly fulfilled! Here are some of the takeaways that we had after attending the Xero Roadshow Asia 2017!


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4 Reasons to Attend Xero Roadshow Asia 2017

Xero Roadshow 2017 is coming -- and this time the event returns to Asia! The roadshow will be taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong (March 7), and The Star Performing Arts Centre in Malaysia (March 9).


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Quotes Are Now Available for Xero Mobile!

Monday -- February 13, 2017 -- Xero accounting software announced their new quote feature on the Xero mobile app. Now, not only you could create Xero invoices in your mobile, but you also have the option to view and create quotes for your clients.


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4 Ways to Treat Your Cash Flow Like a King

“Cash is King” -- Cash itself plays a vital part in every business as it is being used in paying for things such as infrastructure, expenditures, salaries of employees and other raw materials so to speak, making cash a “king” amongst any other business factors.


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Earned Income Tax Credit : 4 Things You Should Know

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), sometimes referred to as “Working Americans Credit” is a refundable tax credit which is designed to help low income taxpayers (generalized as individuals, married couples and those with children) save money from taxes. But there are times that these kinds of credits aren’t claimed because most taxpayers doesn’t fully understand this concept. This article will share 4 things that you should know about Earned Income Tax Credit.


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Xero Feature Updates : Latest Developments for the Xero iOS App

February 20, 2017 -- Monday -- Xero accounting software announced the latest developments in their mobile application for iOS. Most of these improvements are designed to enhance invoice turnarounds, provide an easier way of navigating organization, and strengthen the security of the iOS app.


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Double Rule Included in Hubdoc’s Top Cloud Accountants of 2016

January 23, 2017 - Monday -- Double Rule was included in Hubdoc’s Top 50 list of the best Cloud Accountants for 2016 in North America. This marks Double Rule’s 3rd straight year as an accounting firm which is included in the list of Hubdoc’s selected companies.


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Starting Off the Year Right: IRS 2017 Free File Program

January 13, 2017 - Friday -- The Internal Revenue Service launched the opening of their 2017 Free File Program. Partnering with the best tax service providers, the program aims to provide free preparation and filing of federal and state income taxes for eligible taxpayers.


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Multifactor Authentication: The Next Big Thing For 2017

2017 marks the start for another great year as new waves of technology makes its way to businesses. From text to speech, chatbots and augmented reality, last year was truly filled with glorious wonders, and this year never fails to disappoint as many gadgets and applications are being introduced into our midst.


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5 Ways to Stay Productive at Work Even During the Holidays

“Tis the season to be jolly!” -- This phrase alone can simply describe the holidays itself. Probably at this point forward, the ambiance of the yuletide season can easily be felt everywhere. With several stores selling santa hats and toys, companies celebrating their own christmas parties as well as other year end celebration so to speak, and of course, the hums of christmas carols echoing on the air.


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Newest Improvements to Gusto Partner Program Revealed

December 16, 2016 - Friday -- Gusto announced the latest changes to their Partner Program. These advancements are not only designed to further improve HR services for companies, but to also help customers and partners to further utilize the power of Gusto, and deliver its value to clients.


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Apple Pay and Xero : Teaming Up for Faster Mobile Payments

Monday - December 5, 2016 -- Xero accounting software launched their latest integration with Apple. Partnering with payment service company Stripe, Xero aims to allow small business users to view and pay invoices in Xero using Apple Pay through Stripe.


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4 Tips on Engaging with Employees During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! -- The holidays is just around the corner, and maybe at this moment, you're now busy buying gifts and planning your team’s christmas party. Sometimes, you might find it hard to organize these kinds of celebration due to the fact that you still have plenty of work to do before the end of the year and that those tasks have deadlines that you should catch up with. But don’t panic, for we will share 4 ideas on how you would efficiently engage with employees during the holiday season.

7 Marketing Trends to Hit 2017

The world of online marketing just keeps getting bigger, and better -- 2016 was filled with new apps and trends that brought wonders to all sorts of life; and once we kick off the new year, expect that there would be more marketing strategies that businesses would utilize, which leads to the question: What are those marketing trends that would make the cut for 2017?


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FLSA Update: Overtime Rules Blocked By Federal Judge

November 22, 2016 - Tuesday -- The implementation of the updated FLSA and overtime rules was halted after a federal judge from Texas blocked the Department of Labor’s intention to hike up the salary level exemptions for up to $47,476. The rules itself would have been implemented in the first day of December this year 2016.


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Privacy Wars : IRS vs. Coinbase Fighting on User Information

November 18, 2016 -- As part of the IRS’s continuous effort on fighting tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service worked with a federal court to force Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin wallet service company, to hand over personal information of their users who had made transactions between the year 2013 to 2015.


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FLSA & Final Overtime Rules : 10 Things You Should Know

December 1, 2016 marks the date for the implementation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as the revised rules for overtime exemption. Time is truly running out as many companies are trying to beat the clock as per the impending deadline, and as you get your company ready for these rules while complying with all the requirements, here are 10 things that you need to know regarding the provisions of these overtime exemption laws.


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6 Ways to Get Noticed By Millennial Clients

An accounting firm should not only base its growth on excellence in handling financials, calculations, reporting and advisory, but it should also focus on client acquisition and retention. You should remember that in every generation, one thing that would connect your business with them is through proper engagement and creating strong relationships. Here are 6 ways on how you could attract clients especially on the millennial side, and build loyalty between both parties.


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8 Latest Tax Changes to Watch Out For 2017

Sometimes, with all the revisions and sudden updates that’s happening, it’s already getting difficult to keep up with the changes when it comes to taxes. But don’t worry, we got you covered! As the upcoming tax filing season comes in our way, we prepared a list of all the major updates that you should know. Here are 8 of the latest tax changes to watch out for 2017.


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A Guide on Writing Off Medical and Health Expenses

Medical costs can truly be devastating to your financials whenever someone is sick in the family and requires medical attention, for not only it affects your budget but it would also cost you further problems when emergency knocks on your doorstep in the midst of tax time. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to deduct medical-themed expenses that can lessen tax burdens.


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The Concept of Blockchain Explained

The utilization of blockchain is one of the hottest business concepts that made heads turn this year, as it quickly makes its way to businesses such as financial sectors, entertainment industry, e-commerce and so much more. But not everyone is ready to embrace this kind of technology, as it gained contrasting opinions from different business sectors. In this article, we will explore the process of blockchain, and the mixed views that came along with this concept.


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6 Known Tricks in Year-End Tax Planning

The name of the game is reducing taxes -- With thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching, now is the best time for you to make some changes and improvise strategies on paying taxes. Efficient year-end tax planning involves the proper application of exclusions, deductions and exemptions that can be used in lowering taxable income.


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6 Tips on Preparing Your Payroll Year-End Report

The end of a great season ushers in the beginning of another great year -- Holidays are quickly approaching in our midst, and along with it comes “crunch time” for businesses as they prepare year-end reports. Get yourself prepared for the year-end tax season with this checklist consisting of forms, as well as payroll information that you’ll be needing to complete your report and be able to sail your holiday boat with confidence and peace of mind.

29-Oct-2016 Alex Amador

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Double Rule Halloween Special : Spook-tacular Madness 2016

October 28, 2016 -- Double Rule conducted it’s annual Halloween celebration, and as always it will never be complete without a costume competition. With many halloween costume ideas in mind, our crafty contestants totally brought the fight to the next level, well of cuteness of course!


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The Struggle Continues: A Preparer's Guide on Securing Taxpayer Information

July 6, 2016 - Wednesday -- The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) launched a campaign called Protect your Clients; Protect Yourself, a follow up to Taxes. Security. Together program, where leaders of federal government agencies, state tax agencies, and tax professional communities unite to raise awareness on identity theft amongst taxpayers and preparers, and wage war against this common threat which is now considered as one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S. In this article, we will share some tips on how tax preparers can successfully secure client data especially with the 2017 tax season coming up.


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Xero Alert: Phishing in Xero Invoice Emails

Phishing (often called as brand spoofing) is a type of internet fraud which had infiltrated computers and businesses for years, and when we say “businesses” it means no exceptions. Recently, Xero updated their security noticeboard with reports regarding Xero Invoice Phishing emails, and shared some ways on how to avoid becoming a victim of these kinds of email fraud.


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The Many Reasons On Hiring A Tax Preparer

In a recent statement given by the IRS, they believed that more than half of U.S taxpayers would always rely on professionals to do the handiwork and prepare their tax returns. Even in today’s digital era where many tax preparation software allows people to do taxes on their own, there are still some who tends to play safe and let the pros do their thing with these kinds of stuff. In this article, we will discuss the many reasons on why most individuals and business owners turn their attention to tax professionals especially whenever tax season comes into play.


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A Guide to 2017 Tax Year: List of Things That You Need

You’ve got to admit that if you’re a business owner who is new to filing taxes, then preparing all the documents needed is a very tough chore to do. It’s like a puzzle, where you have to get all the pieces first before assembling them into one complete image. Sometimes, you might even find yourself clueless when it comes to what information or files should you keep for recording, not to mention the fact that time is running out on you while doing it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of all things needed once you file your tax return.


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5 Known Malpractices Which Can Result to Data Breach

Every business is a target -- All kinds of organization from the largest to unsuspectingly small ones can become a victim of data breach. With many incidents reported each year, the IRS continues to wage war against these kinds of intrusions by posting articles and other publications that could warn and raise awareness to their taxpayers, especially with the next tax season coming up. But even after all the precautionary measures said and done, there are some who still became unexpected victims of these kinds of issues which resulted from their carelessness of handling data.


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The Final Rules for Internal Use Software and R&D Tax Credit

Monday - October 3, 2016 -- The IRS had finalized the provisions on the rules of research tax credit for internal use software. At first you might see this as a new opportunity to neutralize liabilities in your taxes as it allows credit for development of internal use applications, but technically, the main purpose of this rule is to set some limits when it comes to eligibility in claiming tax credits.


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5 Tips on Preparing for 2017 Tax Season

The road to 2017 tax season is almost here, and it’s time to get ready! -- Wait, so since you may have already expressed your relief after the previous tax year ended without any complications from the IRS, or in other cases you had successfully filed the return in a given extension time, now it's time to welcome the new year by preparing for the next tax season, and we are here to share 5 tips that will help you get a jumpstart for the 2017 tax year!


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Technologies that will Define the Next Decade

Improvement is one thing which keeps mankind surviving in this ever changing world. There are no how-to manuals on achieving it, the only thing to do is for one to start thinking of concepts based on what outputs he wanted to see, and utilize the things present in front of him.


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What Lies Ahead? : Future Waiting for Small Firms

The accounting practice of tomorrow is constantly affected by the latest technologies as well as evolving client expectations and regulations. With bigger competition brewing between large CPA firms, not only is the landscape of the accounting industry is drastically changing, but it also makes the future uncertain for medium and smaller accounting firms as many clients are choosing to work with much larger companies, stressing the question: “Would there be any room for small CPA firms in the future?”


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New Improvements to Xero Android App Revealed

Thursday - September 22, 2016 -- Xero announced the newest developments present in the Xero Touch Android application. All of these improvements are part of Xero’s continuous dedication in bringing the best mobile experience for the users of Xero accounting software.


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Becoming A Beacon of Change for Your Firm

The world as we know it is changing and it’s moving really fast -- Ever since the existence of cloud technology in the accounting industry, not only did it made a huge impact to the processes of several CPA firms, but it also played a huge part in today’s workforce as it raised their expectations and motivated accountants on having a higher purpose.


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Digitizing Data: A New Approach to Document Management

Document Management is one of the most crucial aspects that should be considered when it comes to most CPA firms. Since it involves private information concerning every day client activities, accountants must make sure that all transaction documents, from bank statements, invoices, quotes, to expense documents like receipts are monitored and properly liquidated. The needs for an efficient document management system is continuously evolving, and thanks to technology, many applications can now be used to ease the hardships in organizing paper documents.


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Hey Xero : Reframing the Future Through Machine Learning

Brisbane, Australia -- Aiming to bring the best experience for subscribers of the accounting software, Xero teams up with Facebook to create an application which will connect small businesses with the ever growing Xero ecosystem. Presenting Hey Xero, a one of a kind Xero chatbot for Messenger dedicated for the users of Xero accounting software.


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The Power of One: Xero HQ Unifying Partner Programs

Xerocon South Brisbane 2016 marked another milestone in the world of digital accounting as Xero unveiled its newest platform Xero HQ. Serving as a successor to Practice Studio, Xero HQ brings all the features of Xero Practice Manager, Tax and Workpapers in one great seamless paradigm.


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5 Tips for Millennials to Succeed in Accounting

When it comes to accounting firms, especially in this digital world where many accounting solutions are being introduced, it’s up to millennials to become the best candidates for the position of being a frontline accountant who would apply their knowledge in using technology with accounting procedures and analyze business processes. If you’re a millennial who is looking forward to have a good career in crunching numbers, then here are 5 tips for you to be successful in a profession like accounting.


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What Happened During Xerocon San Francisco 2016?

Xerocon 2016 made it’s way to San Francisco, and our team had the chance and the utmost pleasure of attending this exciting event. Aside from Xero and the add-ons being showcased at Xerocon, It also became an inspiring and informative session, thanks to various speakers, and participants who shared their thoughts to everyone. Here is an article where we will take a closer look on what happened during Xerocon San Francisco 2016.


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Check 21 vs. ACH: Which Check Electronification Process is Better?

ACH and Check 21 are two of the most popular methods of check electronification. Whenever checks are being scanned and deposited, most of them undergo either of these processes. Here is an article where we will take a look on both methods, share some tips on how you can distinguish checks that were processed either via ACH or Check 21, and see which is the better method.


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Automation Goes Global : Technology Making the World Flat(ter)

Xerocon San Francisco 2016 is here! -- and Day 1 turned out to be another huge success as many CPA firms, accountants, bookkeepers, and Xero partners were present at the event. Aside from the pioneers of Xero sharing the latest additions to the accounting software’s wide array of features, many guest speakers also discussed their experiences at Xerocon.


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6 Ways to Reduce Paperwork in your Firm

Paperworks is regarded by many as one of the biggest challenges and main reasons for companies on switching to digital apps. Papers played a vital part when it comes to business process over the years, that’s why some companies are hesitating to switch, since they think it would be risky to trade paper with electronic documents. But even though the use of paper can’t entirely be removed, at least there are ways on how to reduce the use of it. Here are 6 tips on how you could start implementing seamless process in your firm, and get rid of those nasty paperworks.


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9 Ways to Comply with the Updated FLSA Rules

The December 1, 2016 effectivity of the FLSA Overtime Rules will soon be upon us, and as this law is seen by many as a new beginning that is approaching for employees, businesses see it as a deadline for them to comply with all of the requirements needed, and accomplish the things and measures that has to be done once this law take effect. Here are 9 ways on how you could comply with the requirements and protect your company from penalties under these rules.

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